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The Arcade Girls by WiseKarasu The Arcade Girls :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 5 5 Happy Birthday with Kaoru by WiseKarasu Happy Birthday with Kaoru :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 11 8
Momo and Mineta vs Magic Man
              According to the Aizawa-sensei’s intel, the first generator should be in this room up ahead, Momo Yaoyarozu – also known as Creati – thought, as she made her way through the fortress. The robot warlord King had led an attack on UA, and now she was part of the taskforce assigned to taking him and his army of machines down. While the pro heroes – All Might included – were keeping King and his forces distracted, the students were to sneak into fortress’s outer wall and stop the eight forcefield generators that kept them from the inner sanctum. Unfortunately, their group was split up along the way, leaving her all by herself.
            I wonder if someone as weak as me can really be of assistance to All Might, Momo wondered, pausing just outside the door to the generator room. She shook her head, trying to
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 0 2
Bleach x Kamen Rider Part 2
            “Jeez,” Ichigo groaned, making his way back to his house. He had been worrying about Urahara’s warning ever since he left the shop. No, ever since he saw Ikkaku lying there, defeated. “So some sort of new enemy’s shown up, and the Gotei 13 don’t even know what it is? Why does everything seem to pop up around here, anyway?”
            He sighed and shook his head. “No point worrying about it now. All I can do is keep my eyes open, and wait until that masked thing shows up again.”
            Just then, an explosion rocked the street around him, knocking him on his butt. “Ow!” he muttered. “What was that?!” He looked up and saw a crowd of people running away from something. They were clearly in a panic, and Ichigo thought he could see flames in t
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 2 0
Bleach x Kamen Rider Ghost
              “Damn, I’m bored,” Ikkaku complained.
            He had been wandering the streets of Karakura Town with Yumichika, on the lookout for Hollows, Arrancar, or other potential threats to the real world. Things had been quiet in the Soul Society lately, so they thought they might be able to find some excitement in the real world.
            No such luck.
            “What happened to all my good luck?” the bald – erm, shaved – Soul Reaper muttered. “You think it’s possible for someone to use up all their luck?”
            “How would I know?” Yumichika asked.
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 1 0
Arcade Girls: Five Nights at Freddy's 2
*The girls find themselves once again in a small security office, with walls adorned with children’s drawings of cartoon animals, except this time there’s an open air vent on either side of the room, and a wide, open, dark hallway opposite their desk.*
Hana: What?! This place?! Why are we here again?!
Natsumi: *patiently watching the laptop* Well, technically we aren’t in the same place. *pauses* I think… I don’t know, the lore of these games is confusing, to say the least.
Kaoru: Let’s just say even if it was the same place, the rules of the game have completely changed.
 Hana: *sobbing* I don’t even remember the rules form the last time….
Kaoru: Well that’s good, right? *slaps Hana on the back* It means you’re coming into this with a fresh pair of eyes!
Hana: *walking away* I’m just gonna go lock the doors now before Foxy gets us again.
Natsumi: Uh… sorry, Hana. There are n
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 1 0
P. T. Piranha by WiseKarasu P. T. Piranha :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 8 4 Zelda Gijinka: Morpha by WiseKarasu Zelda Gijinka: Morpha :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 12 2 Mario Gijinka: Gooper Blooper by WiseKarasu Mario Gijinka: Gooper Blooper :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 16 7
Arcade Girls: Mega Mari (Yuyuko)
*The girls find themselves standing outside a vast, Japanese-style mansion, set against a sky that's a swirl of blues, greens, oranges, and yellows*
Hana: *gasps* Oh, woooow! Everything's so pretty!
Kaoru: *looks around* Sooo… what game is this, Natsumi?
Natsumi: Today we’re playing Mega Mari. It’s a Mega Man clone based on the popular Touhou games.
Kaoru: *tilting her head* Touhou?
Natsumi: It’s a shoot ‘em up series featuring a lot of different yokai girls.
*awkward silence falls between the two of them as Hana skips around, soaking in the scenery*
Kaoru:  And?
Natsumi: What do you mean, “And?”
Kaoru: Is that it? Usually you’re little Ms. Exposition when it comes to these things.
Natsumi: *blushes* W-well, I… I don’t really know anything about Touhou.
Kaoru: *eyes go wide* What?! Really?! I thought you said it was a popular series!
Natsumi: It is! *quieter* I think
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 4 3
Erin Stretched Out by WiseKarasu Erin Stretched Out :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 53 14
Mature content
Cleaning Up Pt 2 :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 13 0
Cleaning Up Part 1
In this world, there are many strange, eccentric families, among the rich as much as, if not more than, the poor. The Oroson family is definitely one of the odder ones. I should know. I'm their butler.
And I'm only 17 years old!
Oh, sorry. I should probably introduce myself first. My name is Nate, and, as I said, I'm a butler. You may think it's strange that someone like me, a mere kid, would find himself in this kind of position, especially since the family's daughter, Mia, is almost the same age as me. I kinda find it weird, too, and yet, here I am, even now, in the high-class kitchen of this vast manor, planning the best meal to start her day. I have to thank my lucky stars her parents are away most of the time - my job is monumental enough with just my mistress and her house. I can't imagine handling this thing with two more souls within my care. 
As I peruse our wares, I settle on fruit. Not only would it satisfy her sweet tooth, but it's healthier for her too. That's my resp
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 21 10
Hello Yuko Title by WiseKarasu Hello Yuko Title :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 2 2 Hello, Yuko Screenshot by WiseKarasu Hello, Yuko Screenshot :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 1 12
Bounce Back: Erin Part 3
            Joshua sat at his desk, staring at the back of Erin’s head. He could vaguely hear Rockwell carrying on about something, but he was too preoccupied to understand a word of it. That image was burned into his memory: Erin, with her stomach bloated with water, pinned against the wall, crying her eyes out while a gang of cold, heartless monsters abused her. He knew it would haunt him for a very long time.
            But he also knew he couldn’t leave it alone. This was what Erin was keeping bottled inside, what made her so bitter. He had to talk to her about it. It was the only way anything was going to change. After all, talking about her condition seemed to make her more comfortable around him. She had definitely dialed down the insults since they first met, so that had to be a sign he was doing something right, wasn’t it?
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 9 6

Random Favourites

Dragonfish of Antarkir by ALRadeck Dragonfish of Antarkir :iconalradeck:ALRadeck 1,892 75 Kirby FC - Dark Sphere Doomer by Hexidextrous Kirby FC - Dark Sphere Doomer :iconhexidextrous:Hexidextrous 32 47 Super Mario RPG - Five Heroes by kamon-san Super Mario RPG - Five Heroes :iconkamon-san:kamon-san 410 62 Donkey Kong VS The Rajang King by wyvernsmasher Donkey Kong VS The Rajang King :iconwyvernsmasher:wyvernsmasher 350 29 Chibi Koishi Gentle Petting by Hexidextrous Chibi Koishi Gentle Petting :iconhexidextrous:Hexidextrous 20 23 Hanami Maokai by sunnykoda Hanami Maokai :iconsunnykoda:sunnykoda 420 44 Surface 01 by pcmaniac88 Surface 01 :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 1,802 54 Claudette The Winter Witch (Outer Shell Form) -Ref by Hexidextrous Claudette The Winter Witch (Outer Shell Form) -Ref :iconhexidextrous:Hexidextrous 19 25 Kancolle - Ushio New year greetings by KANE-NEKO Kancolle - Ushio New year greetings :iconkane-neko:KANE-NEKO 178 29 Book cover : Lazy Tale 2 by Sa-Dui Book cover : Lazy Tale 2 :iconsa-dui:Sa-Dui 696 14 Kudou Mirei by Kazenokaze Kudou Mirei :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 601 27 MPG Cover by EUDETENIS MPG Cover :iconeudetenis:EUDETENIS 498 17 Icebreaker by Anodesu Icebreaker :iconanodesu:Anodesu 201 35 Yvette by jyokyori Yvette :iconjyokyori:jyokyori 73 56 25 EE feat Hearte Bunny by Kaze-Hime 25 EE feat Hearte Bunny :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 3,834 0 Akatsuki x Hibiki by Kazenokaze Akatsuki x Hibiki :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 603 35


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United States
Kaw! Kaw! Kaw!

Not all of my stories are posted on my account. For the rest, check with these other artists:


Currently looking for artists to do illustrations for my stories. Interested? Send me a note, and we'll talk. The only exceptions are crossovers and other works featuring characters from other DA members - in that case, they get exclusive illustration rights.

And, because I am, like, a giant dork, I like to RP. Send me a note if you're interested.

Upcoming Projects:


Visual Novel-Style Game?


Arcade Girls: FNAF2

Arcade Girls Play with Two Goth Guys: Slender




Collab with DaAussie: Squash and Stretch

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Just... had to share this:


The Arcade Girls
Finally! Courtesy of ChronoChico, official art of all three of my stars, the Arcade Girls! From left to right, Kaoru Hiiragi, Natsumi Mizutani, and Hana Morioka. Please check them out in my gallery, and enjoy their silly, sometimes stupid misadventures in the world of video games.

The Arcade Girls belong to me.

Art by ChronoChico


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