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Momo and Mineta vs Magic Man
              According to the Aizawa-sensei’s intel, the first generator should be in this room up ahead, Momo Yaoyarozu – also known as Creati – thought, as she made her way through the fortress. The robot warlord King had led an attack on UA, and now she was part of the taskforce assigned to taking him and his army of machines down. While the pro heroes – All Might included – were keeping King and his forces distracted, the students were to sneak into fortress’s outer wall and stop the eight forcefield generators that kept them from the inner sanctum. Unfortunately, their group was split up along the way, leaving her all by herself.
            I wonder if someone as weak as me can really be of assistance to All Might, Momo wondered, pausing just outside the door to the generator room. She shook her head, trying to
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Bleach x Kamen Rider Part 2
            “Jeez,” Ichigo groaned, making his way back to his house. He had been worrying about Urahara’s warning ever since he left the shop. No, ever since he saw Ikkaku lying there, defeated. “So some sort of new enemy’s shown up, and the Gotei 13 don’t even know what it is? Why does everything seem to pop up around here, anyway?”
            He sighed and shook his head. “No point worrying about it now. All I can do is keep my eyes open, and wait until that masked thing shows up again.”
            Just then, an explosion rocked the street around him, knocking him on his butt. “Ow!” he muttered. “What was that?!” He looked up and saw a crowd of people running away from something. They were clearly in a panic, and Ichigo thought he could see flames in t
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Bleach x Kamen Rider Ghost
              “Damn, I’m bored,” Ikkaku complained.
            He had been wandering the streets of Karakura Town with Yumichika, on the lookout for Hollows, Arrancar, or other potential threats to the real world. Things had been quiet in the Soul Society lately, so they thought they might be able to find some excitement in the real world.
            No such luck.
            “What happened to all my good luck?” the bald – erm, shaved – Soul Reaper muttered. “You think it’s possible for someone to use up all their luck?”
            “How would I know?” Yumichika asked.
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Arcade Girls: Five Nights at Freddy's 2
*The girls find themselves once again in a small security office, with walls adorned with children’s drawings of cartoon animals, except this time there’s an open air vent on either side of the room, and a wide, open, dark hallway opposite their desk.*
Hana: What?! This place?! Why are we here again?!
Natsumi: *patiently watching the laptop* Well, technically we aren’t in the same place. *pauses* I think… I don’t know, the lore of these games is confusing, to say the least.
Kaoru: Let’s just say even if it was the same place, the rules of the game have completely changed.
 Hana: *sobbing* I don’t even remember the rules form the last time….
Kaoru: Well that’s good, right? *slaps Hana on the back* It means you’re coming into this with a fresh pair of eyes!
Hana: *walking away* I’m just gonna go lock the doors now before Foxy gets us again.
Natsumi: Uh… sorry, Hana. There are n
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P. T. Piranha by WiseKarasu P. T. Piranha :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 7 4 Zelda Gijinka: Morpha by WiseKarasu Zelda Gijinka: Morpha :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 11 2 Mario Gijinka: Gooper Blooper by WiseKarasu Mario Gijinka: Gooper Blooper :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 15 7
Arcade Girls: Mega Mari (Yuyuko)
*The girls find themselves standing outside a vast, Japanese-style mansion, set against a sky that's a swirl of blues, greens, oranges, and yellows*
Hana: *gasps* Oh, woooow! Everything's so pretty!
Kaoru: *looks around* Sooo… what game is this, Natsumi?
Natsumi: Today we’re playing Mega Mari. It’s a Mega Man clone based on the popular Touhou games.
Kaoru: *tilting her head* Touhou?
Natsumi: It’s a shoot ‘em up series featuring a lot of different yokai girls.
*awkward silence falls between the two of them as Hana skips around, soaking in the scenery*
Kaoru:  And?
Natsumi: What do you mean, “And?”
Kaoru: Is that it? Usually you’re little Ms. Exposition when it comes to these things.
Natsumi: *blushes* W-well, I… I don’t really know anything about Touhou.
Kaoru: *eyes go wide* What?! Really?! I thought you said it was a popular series!
Natsumi: It is! *quieter* I think
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Erin Stretched Out by WiseKarasu Erin Stretched Out :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 51 14
Mature content
Cleaning Up Pt 2 :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 11 0
Cleaning Up Part 1
In this world, there are many strange, eccentric families, among the rich as much as, if not more than, the poor. The Oroson family is definitely one of the odder ones. I should know. I'm their butler.
And I'm only 17 years old!
Oh, sorry. I should probably introduce myself first. My name is Nate, and, as I said, I'm a butler. You may think it's strange that someone like me, a mere kid, would find himself in this kind of position, especially since the family's daughter, Mia, is almost the same age as me. I kinda find it weird, too, and yet, here I am, even now, in the high-class kitchen of this vast manor, planning the best meal to start her day. I have to thank my lucky stars her parents are away most of the time - my job is monumental enough with just my mistress and her house. I can't imagine handling this thing with two more souls within my care. 
As I peruse our wares, I settle on fruit. Not only would it satisfy her sweet tooth, but it's healthier for her too. That's my resp
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 18 10
Hello Yuko Title by WiseKarasu Hello Yuko Title :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 2 2 Hello, Yuko Screenshot by WiseKarasu Hello, Yuko Screenshot :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 1 12
Bounce Back: Erin Part 3
            Joshua sat at his desk, staring at the back of Erin’s head. He could vaguely hear Rockwell carrying on about something, but he was too preoccupied to understand a word of it. That image was burned into his memory: Erin, with her stomach bloated with water, pinned against the wall, crying her eyes out while a gang of cold, heartless monsters abused her. He knew it would haunt him for a very long time.
            But he also knew he couldn’t leave it alone. This was what Erin was keeping bottled inside, what made her so bitter. He had to talk to her about it. It was the only way anything was going to change. After all, talking about her condition seemed to make her more comfortable around him. She had definitely dialed down the insults since they first met, so that had to be a sign he was doing something right, wasn’t it?
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 9 6
Bounce Back: Erin Part 2
            The next day, everyone resumed their usual routines, sitting next to friends and chatting things up before class, just like any other day. That is, until Erin walked in. Then things got quiet, and every eye locked onto her as she walked to her desk. Erin merely turned and gave the entire class a nasty, threatening glare. That seemed to do the trick; everyone stopped paying attention to her, though some students muttered quiet insults before returning to their regularly scheduled lives.
            Joshua knew he shouldn’t have expected anything different, but he felt a little disappointed. He’d seen a quieter, vulnerable side of her yesterday, and he was hoping that side was going to show through a little today.
            Guess I was wrong, he thought.
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 11 2
Arcade Girls Crossover: Frogger
*Just inside the corridors of Deep Dive Gaming stands a dark-skinned young man. His messy black hair hosts noticeable white streaks, and a pair of glasses rests on his nose. He's dressed in a white and black jacket, similarly colored shorts, and wears a pair of black sandals on his feet. As he stands at the door, Hana comes up to him.*
Hana: Um... excuse me? Are you Ethan?
Ethan: *notices her* Why yes, I am. You must be the Hana. I heard you were going to teach me. How are things?
Hana: They're... um... they're okay. Um... I mean, *bows* welcome to Deep Dive Gaming, where we play video games. *brief moment of silence, then she blushes* I-I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this, but for some reason they wanted me to help train the new guy.
Ethan: *smiles at her* Don't be shy, I’m sure you have a lot of experience. I know you’ll do your best, so I’ll do the same, okay?
Hana: *blushes a little and fidgets* O-okay. Um..., well, I'm s
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 2 4

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Hey, everyone. Just letting you know that, if all things go well this afternoon, my sister, FierceKirin, will be opening requests soon. She's a terrific artist who specializes in traditional mediums. Here's some samples of her art:…………

The details of what she'll draw are still being ironed out, but expect fetish material and 18+ to get rejected pretty quickly. She'll probably be more willing to do fan art of western animation like Steven Universe or Gravity Falls over anime, though.

Also, Kirin is very shy, so please be patient with her (you may need to go through me to talk to her more quickly).

We hope to get a request journal up soon, so please bear with us.


              According to the Aizawa-sensei’s intel, the first generator should be in this room up ahead, Momo Yaoyarozu – also known as Creati – thought, as she made her way through the fortress. The robot warlord King had led an attack on UA, and now she was part of the taskforce assigned to taking him and his army of machines down. While the pro heroes – All Might included – were keeping King and his forces distracted, the students were to sneak into fortress’s outer wall and stop the eight forcefield generators that kept them from the inner sanctum. Unfortunately, their group was split up along the way, leaving her all by herself.

            I wonder if someone as weak as me can really be of assistance to All Might, Momo wondered, pausing just outside the door to the generator room. She shook her head, trying to drive away her doubts. No. This is no time to think like that. The pro heroes are counting on us. I have to do this.

            She stepped through the door to find what appeared to be… a stage? Further, all the walls were covered in bright red curtains. Was this really the generator room?

            I suppose the generator must be behind one of these curtains, Momo thought. It would most likely be the one furthest back, given the layout of the room. As she walked onto the stage, she felt the floor shift slightly underfoot. Before she could even wonder what was happening, a trap door opened up below her. The girl let out a cry as she fell through. In mere moments, though, a platform rose up out of the hole, and on top of it was Momo, locked into what looked like a stage magician’s magic box. She couldn’t see it, but each side showed a bright red domino mask printed against a blue background.

            “What…?” Momo asked through gritted teeth. “What is this?” She tried to force her way out, but the box wouldn’t budge. The inside was snug, barely big enough for her body. The only parts of her not trapped inside were her head at one end and her feet at the other.

            “Oh my gosh! I actually caught one!” a voice exclaimed.

            Momo turned her head to find a robot walking out from behind the backstage curtains. It had a slender body resembling a stylized tuxedo, and it’s head was adorned with a red domino mask and a black top hat. It was carrying a cane, and it’s shoulders seemed to be giant decks of cards.

            “I can’t believe it!” the robot cried out in joy. It seemed to catch itself, though, because it gave a quick cough (odd, for a thing with no visible mouth) and took on a much more serious air. “I mean, of course I caught one. Did anyone really see me, the great Magic Man, failing to deliver?”

            The first thought to cross Momo’s mind was that this robot was some sort of idiot. “Wh-who are you?” she stammered, still trying to force her way out of her prison.

            “Didn’t you just hear me?” the robot asked. “Jeez, not much of an audience, are you? I’m Magic Man, one of the great King’s Robot Masters!”

            “A… a Robot Master?” Momo asked. “That can’t be! Why would one of you be hiding in here?”

            “Uh, uh, uhhhhh,” Magic Man scolded, waving a finger at the girl. “A true magician never reveals his secrets. Of course, this is one of King’s tricks, not mine, so why not?”

            Momo realized her suspicions about this machine’s idiocy had been confirmed. It didn’t make her feel better, though.

            “Well,” Magic Man continued on, “King figured you’d try to distract him with a frontal assault, so he sent the majority of his forces out to meet you, but kept us, his top henchmen, at the towers. As soon as we finish killing all you kids, we’re gonna parade you around for the pros. That’ll demoralize those tired saps and leave them all easy pickings.”

            Momo swallowed hard. Her worst fears had been confirmed; King had played them all, and good.

            “But who cares about all that!” Magic Man cheered, marching towards the back of the stage. “I’ve got my very own lovely assistant! Finally, someone to practice my tricks on before the big show! Well, one trick, anyway….” He snapped his fingers, and with that the lights went dim, and a spotlight fell on him. “Ladies and gentlemen! We have a volunteer!” he cried, dramatically gesturing towards the captive Momo.

            What is he doing? the girl had to wonder.

            “What’s your name, hon?” he asked, holding up his cane to Momo’s face like a microphone.

            Before Momo could answer, however he yanked the cane back, saying, “You know what? Nevermind, it’s not going to matter in five minutes anyway.” He cleared his throat, and dramatically proclaimed, “For my next trick, I’m bringing back an age-old classic: sawing a lady in half!”

            What did he say?! Momo exclaimed in her head. He’s going to saw me in half?! No, that can’t be right. He’s a magician. It has to be some sort of trick. He couldn’t really saw me in half, could he?

            With a wave of his hand, Magic Man’s cane vanished, and in its place was a wicked, sharp-toothed saw.

            It didn’t matter if it was a trick or not, anymore; Momo couldn’t risk the possibility that this metal maniac was planning to actually saw her in half. She struggled against her restraints, but to no avail. Her Quirk was going to be useless in this situation, too. She had plenty of bare skin to generate material from, that much was true, but there simply wasn’t enough room inside the box to create anything substantial enough to free her. She had to wonder if he’d planned for her abilities, or if this was all one very unfortunate coincidence.

            Magic Man chuckled to himself as he placed the toothed edged of the saw against the top of the box. “Now, this may hurt just a little,” he jeered, as he started sawing through the box.

            Momo desperately tried to think of a way out of this, but none was forthcoming. Worse, the terror of seeing that blade slowly descending towards her stomach was making it hard for her to think, much less escape.

            Maybe I can form a shield inside the box to block it? she thought. No, there’s no room in here. There has to be something! Think, Momo! All Might is counting on you!

            She sucked in her stomach, hoping to buy a little time, but she knew how fruitless an effort that would be.

            Little did the two of them know, a third player had entered the room. Minoru Mineta – aka Grape Juice – had walked in through a side door behind the curtains, and had been watching the whole thing from the sidelines.

            Oh, crap! he thought, shaking in his boots. That freak’s going to kill Yaoyarozu! But what the hell am I supposed to do about it?! There’s no way I can beat one of these guys with my Quirk! I couldn’t even beat the robots in the entrance exam, and these guys look 100 times stronger than those. If I go in there, we’ll both die!

            Minoru could do nothing but watch, trembling, as the Robot Master prepared to saw his buxom classmate in half. What a freaking waste! he thought.

            All of a sudden, Magic Man stopped the saw.

            “Oh, crap!” he cried. “I forgot the most important part of the trick!” he swapped his saw out for his cane again, and dramatically circled the box. “Now, ladies and gentlemen, you may be thinking to yourselves, ‘there’s no way he’s actually going to saw her in half. Those feet must be fake.’ Well, allow me to prove you wrong.”

            He stopped right in front of Momo’s feet.

            “Wh-what are you doing?” she asked, looking confused and very worried.

            “Simply proving a point.” At that, he reached down and grabbed the girl’s heels, and, with one swift tug, pulled off her boots, leaving Momo in her bare feet. Her toes twitched at their release, and Minoru’s eyes grew wide.

            He’s stripping her! he thought, blushing as his nose started to bleed. Yeah! Keep going!

            “This is an important part of the trick,” Magic Man said, this time trading his cane for a feather. “I have to show the audience that these are your real feet, and what better way to do that than with a little tickling?”

            “P-pervert!” Momo cried.

            “What?! Pervert?!” Magic Man exclaimed. “I just told you, this is part of the trick! The audience has to know these are your real tootsies, or else the trick is pointless!”

            “You don’t even have an audience, you scum!”

            “Urk!” Magic Man gasped, taken aback by her point. “I-it doesn’t matter! You’re just practice for when I have a real hero in here! Then the whole world will be watching as I saw a pro to pieces! Now, get ready to laugh your head off!”

            Minoru, meanwhile, was watching with baited breath as the feather was drawn closer to  Momo’s bare, squirming feet. His imagination ran wild as he pictured that feather dancing along his classmate’s bare skin.

            “Nohoho! Stop!” he imagined her yelling. “Not my toes! Hahahaha! Please! Let me go! It tickles! It tickles! Hahahahahahaaaa!”

            “YEAH!! DO IT!!” he cheered at the top of his lungs.

            Magic Man froze, the feather a mere half-inch from his victim. The robot’s fists clenched, and he slowly turned towards the source of the sudden shouting, a look of insane bloodlust in his eyes.

            “Mineta?” Momo asked, confused by her classmate’s sudden appearance.

            “You…!” Magic Man snarled, glaring at Minoru with a look so intense it took everything the boy had not to wet himself in fear. The feather vanished, replaced with a cane once more. “You were spying on me! Spying on my tricks! HOW DARE YOU!!” He slashed through the air with his cane, firing a blue and green energy sphere right at Minoru.

            “EEEEEEK!!” the boy shrieked, as he leapt out of the way.

            “Nobody eavesdrops on a magician while he’s practicing his tricks! You’ll pay for this with your life!” Magic Man screamed, dashing at Minoru.

            “AAAAAH!!” Minoru cried, running in terror. “Leave me alone! I won’t tell anyone! I swear!”

            “Hold still, you little brat!” Magic Man shouted, firing off another energy ball.

            With terrified tears streaming from his eyes, Minoru started blindly throwing the sticky balls from his head. One of them managed to block the sphere, which vanished in a puff of smoke.

            Minoru gasped in relief, and a brief smile played on his face, until…

            “Up here, moron!” Minoru looked up to find Magic Man had leapt into the air above him. “A magician is a master of redirection. While you’re wetting yourself over my Magic Ball, I’m up here, doing this!” With that, he hurled an orange ball at Minoru. The boy screamed in terror and covered his face with his arms, only for the ball to completely miss.

            “Huh?” Minoru wondered. He turned and watched as the ball hit the ground, splitting open and unleashing a trio of mechanical doves. “What?” he asked, confused.

            “And while you’re busy watching my doves….” Magic Man said.

            “Mineta! Below you!” Momo cried.

            But she was too late. A pair of toy soldiers had snuck up on the boy, trapping him in a bear hug.

            “The Rompers my Magic Ball teleported in here lock you in place!” Magic Man proclaimed.

            “Ack! Let go!” Minoru yelled. “I don’t want a pair of guys grabbing me like this!”

            “And while you’re focused on the Rompers, my doves dive down and KILL YOU!!” Magic Man cried, slashing his cane downward. The doves, following his command, swooped down, slashing Minoru with their razor-sharp beaks.

            “AAAAAGH!!” he cried in pain, as the birds dove at him again and again, cutting him over and over. He gritted his teeth and flung more of his sticky balls at the robot, but Magic Man easily dodged every single one.

            “And while the doves do their thing, I do this!” Magic Man snarled, kicking Minoru so hard he flew across the room, landing at Momo’s feet. “And that’s how I make brats disappear.”

            He’s… he’s going to kill Mineta, Momo thought, screwing her eyes shut, unable to watch her classmate get slaughtered. It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t been so reckless, none of this would have happened. I’m so sorry, Mineta!

            “Hey! Aren’t you going to help me, here?!” Minoru cried.

            Momo opened her eyes, and saw Minoru sitting at her feet, looking right at her.

            “Mineta…,” she said. “I’m sorry….”

            “Don’t give me that crap!” Minoru cried. “I’m getting killed out here! My Quirk is useless against guys like this! You can’t just sit there while I’m stuck out here fighting! At least give me something I can work with! Anything!”

            Momo gasped. He’s right. What am I doing? she thought, shaking her head to clear it. I’m supposed to be a hero. I need to start acting like it.

            “I have an idea,” she said. “Listen….” She whispered something to Minoru, when, all of a sudden, Magic Man appeared next to them. The two heroes-in-training gasped in shock.

            “What are you two talking about?” the Robot Master asked, a dangerous sneer in his voice. “Care to share with the class?” He delivered another powerful kick to Minoru’s gut, sending him sprawling away.

            “I’ve got one last trick in store for you, kid,” the Robot Master said, as he walked towards his prey. He materialized two glowing cards between his middle and index fingers. “This is my special weapon: the Magic Card. When I hit another robot with these babies, it sucks the energy right out of them. Hmm…. I wonder what it’ll do to a human?”

            Minoru sat up, and gave Magic Man a confident smirk. “I guess we’ll never know,” he said. He held up his right hand, twirling a metal ring around his finger. “Guess what this is?”

            Magic Man squinted at the ring. “That looks like a grenade pin…,” he muttered. Then he gasped, realizing what he’d just said. “But if that’s the pin, where’s…?!” He quickly scanned the room, desperate to find the explosive, when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. One of Minoru’s balls was stuck to his back, and stuck to that was an armed grenade.

            “WHAT?!” the robot cried. “Where did you get that?!”

            “From me,” Momo declared. “My Quirk lets me generate anything I want from my flesh. And that includes the soles of my feet!” she cried, wigging her toes for emphasis.

            “NO!!” Magic Man screamed, desperately scrabbling for the explosive. But it was just out of his reach. “No no no no no no no…!”

            With a loud BOOM!! the grenade exploded, blasting the Robot Master to pieces.

            “We did it!” Minoru cheered, punching the air.

            Yes, we did, Momo thought, smiling. “Thank-you, Mineta. It was all thanks to you that we won.”

            “Hehe,” Minoru chuckled, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. “I guess I am pretty great, huh?”

            Momo nodded in agreement. “Now, if you could please release me from this prison, we can shut off the field generator and go help the others.”

            Minoru didn’t respond, though. Instead, he held his gloved hands up, wriggling his fingers at Momo’s bare feet. “You know, it’d still be really sexy to tickle her while she’s stuck in there,” he thought out loud. “It’s okay to do that for just a little bit, right?”

            Momo glared at him, and instantly generated dozens of sharp, iron spikes from her feet.

            “Eeeep!” Minoru yelped, jumping back.

            “Mineta, if you would please let me out of here, now.”

            “Y-yes ma’am.”

Momo and Mineta vs Magic Man
A quick crossover battle I wrote a little while back. Mega Man crossovers are nice, because I can just pit the heroes against bosses without having to worry about context (because, in a lot of case, how would they feasibly meet?). I hope you all enjoy it.
Honestly, I'd only be happy with Dragon Ball Super if the universal erasure thing is undone, or Zeno dies.


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I was thinking of designing a Gemsona called "Star Sapphire," but I need some help. I want mine to look somewhat different from the canon Sapphire and Padparascha Sapphire, but I also want her to look extra poofy and cute and fluffy. I also want her to be unique, but she'll still have the same Future Vision as other Sapphires.

I was thinking of her possibly hanging around Hexidextrous's Dravite, as a friendly racing rival. She would also be an avid shapeshifter who likes to change into random things because she likes how it feels and finds it fun. She would use her future vision to dodge attacks more easily, being able to predict when they will hit right before they make contact. Also I need a unique secondary power for her too, like regular Sapphire with Ice.

I also need some ideas for her abilities. Can you help? Also if I can't draw her, could you help me find someone who can? I need her to be really really really cute and cuddly!
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