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Kaw! Kaw! Kaw!

Not all of my stories are posted on my account. For the rest, check with these other artists:


Currently looking for artists to do illustrations for my stories. Interested? Send me a note, and we'll talk. The only exceptions are crossovers and other works featuring characters from other DA members - in that case, they get exclusive illustration rights.

And, because I am, like, a giant dork, I like to RP. Send me a note if you're interested.

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Time to bring the Arcade Girls out of retirement, methinks. Which of these should they play? (Comment if you want them to do a certain stage first) 

6 deviants said Mega Man 1
No deviants said Mega Man 2
No deviants said Mega Man 3
No deviants said Mega Man 4
No deviants said Mega Man 5
No deviants said Mega Man 6
No deviants said Mega Man 7
No deviants said Mega Man 8
No deviants said Mega Man 9
No deviants said Mega Man 10 (Huh?! There's too many games to fit in here!)
First of all, I should clarify that my last poll was a bit misleading. What I SHOULD have said was "What would you like to see me tackle in the future," not "What would you like to see me tackle next." Fact is, for a lot of the ones I put down, I don't actually have a set story in mind just yet. It is nice, however, to see what everyone is interested in seeing me play with down the road.

This does not mean that I have not been thinking about these different series and what I'd like to do with them. Far from it. I will keep these things in mind and continue to mull over them as I consider what to write next for DA fanfics.

But enough about that. Let's get down to what we're here to talk about: the ideas I DO have. One of my watchers ElasticHero (who, I might add, has contributed to some of the Arcade Girls stories), asked what kinds of ideas I had in mind. All things considered, I think it's more than fair that I let you guys know what kinds of things I'm considering. That said, I don't want to go into major details about characters, out of respect for the last poll, where most people agreed that if I'm to make characters, I have to use them in stories and the like too. I think to go about giving Bios of characters I don't plan to use just yet would be disrespectful of the people who gave me those answers and of their wishes.

That said, in some cases, there aren't really any major bios to post yet. Daily Life with Monster Girls (Monster Musume, MonMusu, etc.) is one of those series. It's one that has been a pain for me to work with. See, there are some stories were there just isn't enough material to work with to figure out what to do with them. In my opinion, One Piece is an example of this. I find the "Only one person can have a certain power at a time" rule stifling, especially since Oda is insane enough that any idea you come up with HE MAY STILL WIND UP USING.

Then there are ones like DLwMG. There are so many options to work with, that I can't decide on anything. I may have ideas, but become too hesitant to settle on anything (as something newer/better may come along and catch my interest instead, or something like that), that I can't come up with anything. For example, with MonMusu, do I make the main girl one of the subspecies related to the main girls? Do I use one of the canon species that doesn't get a lot of focus, like a Scylla or Pan Faun? Do I use one from the games and retool it to be more like the manga? Or do I make one up myself? These sort of things, as well as my desire for my main choice to be perfect, cause major mental blocks.

However, there ARE some general ideas I have in mind for what I'd like to do with the series. One of my main gripes with the canon series is that the monster girls' desire to hook up with Kimihito, and the sexual elements of the series are so overplayed that it gets tiresome to me (BLASPHEMY!! some fans may cry). So, instead, I'd prefer to stick with a more platonic relationship between the girl and the member of the host family she's closest too (though if it's a guy, it may evolve into romance later... maybe). To expand on this, it's possible that there may not even BE a boy the girl's age in the household. Instead, there may be a girl her age she interacts with, or the main human may be a child. Or it may just be a parental couple she lives with. Either way, it'd be a bit different.

Another idea is to make the girl an actual student, attending high school alongside the main human. I think this would open plenty of story possibilities. Also, if the girls are exchange students, shouldn't they actually be, you know, student... ing? It might be interesting to see what happens as she deals with classes, clubs, and the like.

I might as well share this one too. One potential male character was one who figured living with a cute monster girl would be like something out of a romance manga or something like that, only to find himself disappointed by the girl being TOO monstrous. One idea was even that he had a thing for girls' feet, and, since few of the extra species girls we see actually HAVE human feet, he'd be sorely disappointed, and maybe a little unfairly begrudging of her. However, such a character may be too unlikeable, so it may not happen.

Finally, no matter what I would choose, I do have ONE actual named character in mind that WILL appear. I don't believe it would hurt to share his bio here, since I don't think anyone will care much about him anyway. His name is Jones (full name possibly Shiromaru Jones). He's the family's Cultural Exchange Cooridinator, like Smith in canon. However, he's her opposite in nearly every way. He's a man with short, snow-white hair, and is an incredibly hard worker. He does everything in his power to make sure the family is well-informed and that things transition as smoothly as possible for him. However, his job has taken a toll on his personal life. His shades hide deep, dark circles under his eyes caused by too many sleepless nights, and any mention of Smith or comparison of himself to Smith, even if accidental, will cause him to snap. He hates Smith, and sees her as a disgrace to the program, due to the number of problems caused by her lazy behavior (many of which HE is stuck fixing). Humans and monsters alike are frightened by his outbursts, and it's theorized that if he ever truly lost it, no one would be able to stop him. 

So, that's it for Daily Life with Monster Girls from me thus far. I'd like to know what you think of these, though I'm hesitant to ask for ideas (I also hate feeling like there's been undue influence on what I make. I want them to be MY contribution to whatever fandom. It's a weird identity thing), though I suppose a conversation can be had in general terms, rather than specific character ideas.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed what I wrote. There will most likely be future journal entries like this, detailing the kinds of themes and characters I'd like to explore with different series. Until next time, thanks for reading, and have a nice day. :D



To any Pokémon fans out to enter the Battle Competition for Beedrillite and Mawilite, you apparently have to sign up for the trainer club on their website first, and it takes time to process. You've been warned.


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