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Zelda Gijinka: Morpha by WiseKarasu Zelda Gijinka: Morpha :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 10 2 Mario Gijinka: Gooper Blooper by WiseKarasu Mario Gijinka: Gooper Blooper :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 12 7
Arcade Girls: Mega Mari (Yuyuko)
*The girls find themselves standing outside a vast, Japanese-style mansion, set against a sky that's a swirl of blues, greens, oranges, and yellows*
Hana: *gasps* Oh, woooow! Everything's so pretty!
Kaoru: *looks around* Sooo… what game is this, Natsumi?
Natsumi: Today we’re playing Mega Mari. It’s a Mega Man clone based on the popular Touhou games.
Kaoru: *tilting her head* Touhou?
Natsumi: It’s a shoot ‘em up series featuring a lot of different yokai girls.
*awkward silence falls between the two of them as Hana skips around, soaking in the scenery*
Kaoru:  And?
Natsumi: What do you mean, “And?”
Kaoru: Is that it? Usually you’re little Ms. Exposition when it comes to these things.
Natsumi: *blushes* W-well, I… I don’t really know anything about Touhou.
Kaoru: *eyes go wide* What?! Really?! I thought you said it was a popular series!
Natsumi: It is! *quieter* I think
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 2 3
Erin Stretched Out by WiseKarasu Erin Stretched Out :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 45 14
Mature content
Cleaning Up Pt 2 :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 10 0
Cleaning Up Part 1
In this world, there are many strange, eccentric families, among the rich as much as, if not more than, the poor. The Oroson family is definitely one of the odder ones. I should know. I'm their butler.
And I'm only 17 years old!
Oh, sorry. I should probably introduce myself first. My name is Nate, and, as I said, I'm a butler. You may think it's strange that someone like me, a mere kid, would find himself in this kind of position, especially since the family's daughter, Mia, is almost the same age as me. I kinda find it weird, too, and yet, here I am, even now, in the high-class kitchen of this vast manor, planning the best meal to start her day. I have to thank my lucky stars her parents are away most of the time - my job is monumental enough with just my mistress and her house. I can't imagine handling this thing with two more souls within my care. 
As I peruse our wares, I settle on fruit. Not only would it satisfy her sweet tooth, but it's healthier for her too. That's my resp
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 13 2
Hello Yuko Title by WiseKarasu Hello Yuko Title :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 2 2 Hello, Yuko Screenshot by WiseKarasu Hello, Yuko Screenshot :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 1 12
Bounce Back: Erin Part 3
            Joshua sat at his desk, staring at the back of Erin’s head. He could vaguely hear Rockwell carrying on about something, but he was too preoccupied to understand a word of it. That image was burned into his memory: Erin, with her stomach bloated with water, pinned against the wall, crying her eyes out while a gang of cold, heartless monsters abused her. He knew it would haunt him for a very long time.
            But he also knew he couldn’t leave it alone. This was what Erin was keeping bottled inside, what made her so bitter. He had to talk to her about it. It was the only way anything was going to change. After all, talking about her condition seemed to make her more comfortable around him. She had definitely dialed down the insults since they first met, so that had to be a sign he was doing something right, wasn’t it?
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 8 6
Bounce Back: Erin Part 2
            The next day, everyone resumed their usual routines, sitting next to friends and chatting things up before class, just like any other day. That is, until Erin walked in. Then things got quiet, and every eye locked onto her as she walked to her desk. Erin merely turned and gave the entire class a nasty, threatening glare. That seemed to do the trick; everyone stopped paying attention to her, though some students muttered quiet insults before returning to their regularly scheduled lives.
            Joshua knew he shouldn’t have expected anything different, but he felt a little disappointed. He’d seen a quieter, vulnerable side of her yesterday, and he was hoping that side was going to show through a little today.
            Guess I was wrong, he thought.
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 11 2
Arcade Girls Crossover: Frogger
*Just inside the corridors of Deep Dive Gaming stands a dark-skinned young man. His messy black hair hosts noticeable white streaks, and a pair of glasses rests on his nose. He's dressed in a white and black jacket, similarly colored shorts, and wears a pair of black sandals on his feet. As he stands at the door, Hana comes up to him.*
Hana: Um... excuse me? Are you Ethan?
Ethan: *notices her* Why yes, I am. You must be the Hana. I heard you were going to teach me. How are things?
Hana: They're... um... they're okay. Um... I mean, *bows* welcome to Deep Dive Gaming, where we play video games. *brief moment of silence, then she blushes* I-I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this, but for some reason they wanted me to help train the new guy.
Ethan: *smiles at her* Don't be shy, I’m sure you have a lot of experience. I know you’ll do your best, so I’ll do the same, okay?
Hana: *blushes a little and fidgets* O-okay. Um..., well, I'm s
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 2 4
Bounce Back: Erin Part 1
            “Hey,  Joshie. Wakey-wakey. Did you hear the news?”
            Joshua Fairbanks was sitting at his desk, sketching some characters, when the interruption came. He looked up to find his friend Ryan Nelson standing over him, grinning like he’d just won the lottery.
            “Huh, what news?” Joshua asked, plucking out his ear buds.
            “We’re getting a new girl today!” Ryan cheered, giving him a thumbs up.
            “A… huh? A new girl? Who is?”
            “The class is, buddy.” Ryan slid into his seat, next to Joshua. “There’s a new, female student transfe
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 15 2
Arcade Girls Crossover: Street Fighter x Mega Man
*The Arcade Girls, Quentin, Jian, Maya, Fleur, Marron, and Daisuke are all gathered in a purple room. They each have a metal band on their right forearm. On the floor of the room are 8 pictures of Street Fighter characters: Ryu, Dhalsim, Chun Li, Rose, C. Viper, Rolento, Urien, and Blanka.*
Natsumi: So this is how they formatted the stage select. It's nice.
Quentin: I call dibs on Blanka!
Fleur: Why? You want to become the 80’s rock star version of the Hulk?
Quentin: No, because I'll be able to electrocute everything! Like a Mercedes Benz!
Daisuke: Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm taking on Ryu! I'm ready to match my fists with the most famous Street Fighter of all!
Fleur: *looks at Daisuke, blushes, and averts her gaze* Well, I don't care who I fight.
Kaoru: *gushing with so much excitement she accidentally startles Fleur* I know, right? All of these fights are gonna be awesome! I don't care who I get! Just bring it on!
Natsumi: Rein it in, people.
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 1 0
Mature content
TekeTeke :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 1 2
Q and A Corner: Natsumi
Hello, everyone. This is Natsumi, of WiseKarasu's Arcade Girls. So, it looks like he got bored again, so, he asked me to introduce a new segment of his gallery: Q and A Corner. In this, we'll have one of WiseKarasu's characters come up, and you can ask him or her any question you want. Let me revise that: any question within reason. The first person to ask me something lewd or perverted gets my foot up their exit hatch (to quote Azure Striker Gunvolt). *Sighs* Anyway, most likely he'll have us answer in the comments, but he may decide to just collect them in a piece anyway. I swear, that guy's too wishy-washy. He needs to get his act together. With that, let's begin.
:iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 0 20
Erin Ortiz by WiseKarasu Erin Ortiz :iconwisekarasu:WiseKarasu 6 16

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In crossovers, how important is the set-up/justification for these characters meeting? 

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2 deviants said If you can't make a reasonable explanation, don't do it.
2 deviants said Depends on the series.
No deviants said Who cares? Throw them in and have fun!
So, guys, I wanted to run another poll, but I don't think I can really cover all the bases on this one, so I'll just ask up front, and you can put your answers in the comments below.

So, since Monster Girls was a top pick on a recent poll, I want to know, what are everyone's favorite types of monster girls? Slimes? Naga? Vampires? What? Tell me in the comments below!


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I found another game you might like. It's called Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls and it's like a platformer where you fight against Cute Monster Girls! Like there's a Harpie Girl, a Mermaid, and even a Chest Mimic Girl!

You might like it.
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